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The GBC B2G Blueprint® provides a well-defined strategy and leadership during each stage of the Federal acquisition cycle, an approach that has helped our clients successfully win Government contracts in excess of $5 billion during the past three years.


GBC offers a systematic and proven approach to successfully identify and develop opportunities within the Federal marketplace using our tested B2G Blueprint® process.  This framework provides strategic solutions during each stage of the Federal acquisition cycle. The following graphic depicts GBC's winning methodology.


Business Development Sales and Marketing GSA Contracts Training Programs Proposal Development Program Management


Each Government entity manages acquisition and procurement slightly differently (for example, the Department of Defense adheres to the DOD 5000 to establish a rigorous method for managing acquisition programs).  However, the general approach and basic milestones remain the same.  From initial needs identification to solicitation release and final source selection, GBC's B2G Blueprint® provides an all-inclusive and modular springboard for companies to successfully penetrate the bureaucracy of the Federal Government. 


Whether your firm currently provides Federal services or seeks to enter into this highly lucrative marketplace, GBC will provide custom solutions to best address the needs of your specific competitive environment.  GBC's process ensures that you will derive the benefits of proven methods combined with a customized implementation approach that deals with the specific challenges of your organizations. 


GBC's B2G Blueprint® provides the following customized and modular services to meet and exceed the revenue goals of your firm:


bullet Business Development – Develop strategies to meet corporate goals and provide specific implementation plans.
bullet Marketing and Sales –  Identifying new sales channels, revenue streams, and partnership opportunities.
bullet GSA Contracts - Contract development, response, negotiation, and maintenance.
bullet Training Programs - Corporate development, refresher training, and custom B2G curricula.
bullet Proposal Development - Full-cycle solicitation response development and management.
bullet Program Management – Program planning and implementation, training, contract administration and compliance.


GBC charges competitive, skills-based rates for our trained and proven staff. Please contact us to receive a requirements analysis of your needs and a quotation.


B2G News

U.S. Federal Government spending on information systems and services will increase 11 percent annually to $63.3 billion by fiscal 2007, up from $37.1 billion in 2002.


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B2G News

More than 75,000 Federal jobs in nearly two dozen agencies could be performed by private-sector workers, according to the first round of 2002 job inventories released under the 1998 Federal Activities and Inventory Reform (FAIR) Act.


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