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Marketing and Sales


GBC’s experienced marketing staff will use market research to develop dynamic plans to meet your revenue goals, and provide implementation support with proven programs that are results driven.


GBC’s marketing and sales framework is based on a series of programs that are customized to meet the specific needs of our clients.  Each of these programs targets a portion of the overall revenue generation process and can be implemented as a stand-alone engagement, or as part of a more comprehensive approach consisting of two or more programs implemented together.


Offering Definition and Target Market Analysis


The most critical task of a successful revenue generation process is to position the right product or service, which solves the right problems, to the right market.  GBC works with our clients to develop a timely understanding of what is happening in their marketplace.  We then help create alignment between the composition of the product or service and the messages that articulate its value to the target buyer.  Finally, we ensure that everyone in the organization has the tools necessary to properly articulate the key messages and the value that the solution will bring to a prospective buyer.  Our goal is to improve sales and marketing productivity and reduce wasted time and money by ensuring that the right buyer is targeted with the right message.


Lead Generation


Effective lead generation programs help companies expand their real sales funnel.  They allow more opportunities to get in the door and get in front of the right types of prospects.  GBC helps clients develop and implement targeted lead generation programs that increase the number of qualified prospects that enter the sales pipeline.


Sales Execution


GBC will work with you to identify skills gaps in your team and craft training programs that will result in immediate improvement in their ability to prepare for, run and follow up on each step in the sales process.


Qualification, Pursuit, and Closing


Poor qualification processes and standards result in increased cost of sales and lower closure rates.  Through the introduction of best practices and the creation of customized qualification criteria GBC ensures that your sales force is only focusing on deals that are likely to close.  We also work with you to identify a comprehensive pursuit and closing process that increases closure predictability and provides executive management with the information needed to evaluate the pipeline and focus their efforts where they are needed the most.


Account Management and Penetration


We will help you design a comprehensive process that will ensure that you are maximizing the revenue from your strategic accounts while managing risks to the relationship and to the future revenue you are relying on.  We will also train your sales force to use the process by working with them on real accounts, thereby ensuring that it is fully implemented.


Sales Management and Operations


Sales management encompasses organizational structure, compensation and incentives, hiring and staff turnover, and sales force automation.  Using a proven set of best practices, GBC will work with you to put in place a sustainable sales management process that is able to grow with your organization.  

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