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Whether you are new to the government market or you are seeking to increase your revenue, Government Business Consulting (GBC) offers the guidance you need to succeed.


GBC provides tactical support to companies seeking to expand their public sector market share.  We offer a full range of business development services that enable you to implement your government business initiatives Ö no matter what stage of planning you are in.


From marketing and sales to procurement and project management, our team works with you every step of the way to help you achieve your government business objectives and reach your revenue goals.  GBC identifies opportunities and assists your company in setting schedule pricing, complying with Federal regulations, and negotiating your GSA contracts.  Unlike other consultancies, we identify both a short term and a long term plan of action based on your corporate objectives and the projected needs of your target market.


GBC provides an in depth analysis of your customers, competition and market space.  We will train your staff on the intricacies of doing business with the government, making sure that you are compliant and avoid common mistakes.


Once we have secured your contract vehicle, GBC provides a comprehensive suite of proposal development services from win planning to orals presentations.  Our team brings a win rate in excess of 85 percent and more than $5 billion in awarded contracts and is available on an as needed basis.  Whether you require an entire proposal team or a single editor, our highly trained proposal professionals are available to support your winning bid.


And thatís not all.  GBC takes your success a step further by providing the tools you need to support your government market initiative.  We offer both web and print collateral development as well as interim management to implement your new program and compliance systems.


B2G News

Federal agencies are making much greater use of Government-wide agency contracts, or GWACs, to meet their information technology requirements.


Technology-related orders from GWACs have more than doubled over the past four years, from $1.1 billion in fiscal year 1997 to $2.4 billion in 2001.


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B2G News

The Office of Management and Budget recently released its long-awaited draft revisions to Circular A-76, the policy that outlines how the public and private sectors compete for commercial-like Government functions.


One important change in the draft is to make Federal offerors in a best-value competition just another offeror. If a Federal proposal does not measure up to proposals from the private sector, a contracting officer can leave the Federal offer out of the final decision.


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